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Posted Dec 1, 2022

Effective Partnership Enablement Part 5: support leads to success

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The next installment of our blog series on effective Partnership Enablement explains why it’s important to be supported. (In case you missed it, see why we believe effective Partnership Enablement must also be shared, scalable, and seamless.

Elevate standards for support and success

48% of GPs list inadequate vendor support as a reason for unsuccessful software deployments.

In an environment where rapid change is increasingly the norm, it is imperative to partner with solution providers that can stay current with industry and software best practices as your business scales and complexity rises. The key to success is receiving support throughout the journey, from a frictionless implementation to ongoing training.

The integrity and security of the data fueling digital partnerships are critical to success. Ensuring that data is onboarded and maintained properly and that it is accurate and complete requires specialized skills. If you are relying on vendors to do this, try to assess the thoroughness of their onboarding by evaluating the comprehensiveness of the information they request, their onboarding materials and user documentation, and their track record of success. While most GPs use technology to build stronger investor relationships, many have experienced software deployments in the past that failed to meet expectations.

More importantly, try to assess how reliable your vendor is at helping you maintain the data over time, through tools for easy uploading or direct support. Ensure you are working with vendors that have established proper systems and controls for managing data security and that you can control access and visibility for employees and investors.

Want to learn more about Partnership Enablement? Download our white paper which also provides a list of questions to help guide you in the evaluation process.